Friday, September 25, 2009

Perfect Heart


Today I went to my pediatric cardiology appointment at Johns Hopkins Hospital. My OB/GYN referred me there because of a slight concern that the 2 vessel umbilical cord could be associated with a heart abnormality.

After the doctor read the ultrasound scans he reassured Don and I that baby has a perfectly normal functioning heart (also reminded me not to take Ibuprofen.)

I left the hospital with a mixture of emotions. I was very relieved our baby’s heart is fine. I was in awe, once again, to watch him kicking and squirming on the screen while at the some time feeling the movements. I was in love with Don as we held hands while the doctor spoke. I was humbled as I walked through the halls of the hospital and saw such extremely ill patients being pushed by wheelchairs. I was reminded of how fragile our lives are. I was reminded how blessed my family and I are to enjoy such great health.