Thursday, May 14, 2009

Win a Lovely Bicycle

I dream about this bike. I just think of all the places I would go toting around my little guys in it.  If I am really lucky I might be able to win it! You can try too by clicking on the sidebar link.image



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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother’s Day

Red Roses for Mother's DaycropMother's Day lasted all weekend for me. Friday night we dropped off the boys at the church for a babysitting fund raiser the Young Women put together. First Don took me shopping to pick out a couple outfits for me that he and I both liked.  I like getting his opinion. Then went to P.F. Chang's for a nice dinner.

Saturday, I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Who doesn’t love a man who surprises her with red roses? We enjoyed the day together as a family.

On Sunday, all three boys got up in church with the other primary kids, and sang "Mother I Love You". Well, they didn't really sing they just watched me and smiled the whole time, but it was still touching. It was the first time all three of them got up on the stand together. Nicholas and Lucas are Sunbeams and Jayden is a CTR5 now.  After sacrament the Young Men passed out chocolate truffles to all the women. I put it in my purse and got distracted  chatting with someone. I looked down and saw chocolate all over Nicholas' face. Then up popped Lucas and Jayden from under the seat with equally messy traces of chocolate smeared around their guilty little grins. Don was very upset with them for eating mommy's Mother's Day chocolates. Lucas started to cry. I could tell he felt bad so I picked him up and we all walked out to the van. As he laid his teary head on my shoulder he said "Mommy, I am sorry for eating your chocolate". It was so sweet. He really felt remorse.
I felt very loved on Mother's Day. I am blessed to have a wonderful family.
I made a Scrapblog for my Mom and Mom-in-law, Kathleen. I miss my mom and wish I could see her more often. She lives in CA with Ser and her boys. 

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Food and Fitness Planner

Web MD has a great Food and Fitness Log/Planner HERE

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This morning was Fast and Testimony Meeting at church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). I was feeling the Spirit particularly strong so I got up and bore my testimony. I shared my testimony about the importance of staying together as a family and of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World". It is a very touchy subject to talk about because everyone has such unique circumstances. My testimony however, is just that, MINE. I realize that I can never please everyone so I said what the church teaches--families should work it out and do their best to stay together. That is HIS plan.
These days it seems almost "old-fashioned" , as my mom called it, to stay married and have a "traditional" family life. She was talking about my sister, Serri, and her social life. Unfortunately, it also seems to be the attitude of about half of the US as well. It all has made me think about WHY it is important to stay with one partner and be together to raise your children. I have heard many different ideas about the topic.
After I bore my testimony and sat back down, I began to feel prompted to expand on what I said. See, I mainly said how Heavenly Father wants us to stay together. I then realized how hurtful I might have been to divorced or single people or whomever did not fit into that mold. After others got up and bore their testimonies I got back up on the pulpit (I know, I know people don’t usually do that), but I had to. This time I mentioned my own broken family growing up. I told them about how difficult it was for my Mom to sit in church after her divorce, especially during the song, "Families Can Be Together Forever". I was specifically talking to the members who were vulnerable to my topic when I said we’re a ward family and all brothers and sisters. I said a little more and sat back down.
After church ended I was quite a surprising reaction from some members who caught up with me to thank me for getting up again. These members were mainly ones who had or are going through a divorce. One story in particular touched me. A young man approached me and said with tears in his eyes how grateful he was to me for getting up and sharing my testimony. He came alone and was 18-years-old. He said his family broke up and his mom, the only other active member, can not come to church because she is usually ill. His other step sibs. do not come to church anymore either. He said that I made him feel like he really did have a "ward family". WOW. Talk about a compliment. I was so touched to hear that what I said may have really helped him.
church is true!