Saturday, May 21, 2011

What I Found in the Fridge

I opened the refridgerator and found a cute surprise note from Lucas. I says I love you, Mom and has Star Wars figures shooting in the background. Very sweet in his own kind of way. He is still learning how to write.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All About Jayden

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day this year was wonderful. We went to church and the boys (reluctantly) got up and sang a song with the primary in sacrament. After church we went to our siblings home and the men BBQ'd for us.


I was very flattered when a lady from church brought me this picture of a model from the clothing magazine Garnet Hill. She said this she thought this girl looked like me. I don't think so but I'll take it!!!

James Blunt and Christina Perri Concert

Annette (my SIL) and I got tickets to see James Blunt and Christina Perri in Reno for Mother's Day. We had so much fun. First we went to eat

Then when we were looking for parking when alien ship clouds appeared in the sky. RUN!

 Christina Perri opened the concert. She has a beautiful voice. Her most popular song and the one that helped quit her waitressing job in L.A. is Jar of Hearts. We were very pleasantly suprised she was there.
So, Annette is amazing because our tickets were for the back and side of the stage. Annette noticed chairs in the middle and a little more forward that were empty so went and sat in them. Much better, but not good enough for Annette. She then noticed TWO seats a little farther up so we scurried up to them. WAY BETTER we were about 5 seats back from the stage! I thought that was great but Annette kept scoping out the place. TWO FRONT ROW SEATS were OPEN! No freggin way. You can guess what we did. We couldn't believe it were were in the very front row for the whole concert. It was unreal and so much fun.

Folsom Temple

Last Sunday we visited the Folsom Temple. It is a smaller temple up on a little hill; beautiful as always.