Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Couple Things

It is late. I am really tired, but I want to write this down so I don't forget. Tonight I was listening to the boys chatting in the other room and Lucas asked a very common question I here these days "what is your very favorite thing in the whole world?" Usually the answerer will say whatever it is that he is doing or is playing with at the time asked. Tonight Jayden answered "Ummm, I don't know Heavenly Father and Jesus, I guess." I just smiled to myself.
Yes. My Jayden is maturing. Don and I used to worry a little about Jayden and his...well...lack of empathy at times. We believe at times he has acted negatively to his brothers out of jealousy. Today I was pleasantly suprised with him. See we have a rule that legos are not allowed in the van for obvious reasons. Jayden and Lucas snuck them in. Grrr. Nicholas tattled, Jayden was mad about that, told on Lucas and it was just not very pretty sound. Lucas threw a lego in the direction of Hunter and then...I heard the loudest scream ever. Jayden was screaming and then crying for me to get the lego that he thought was with Hunter. He knows that Hunter will put everything in his mouth and he was VERY worried. Wow! I immediately pulled over and checked all around the carseat, but could not find the little piece. I thanked Jayden for taking such good care of his little brother. Now that is brotherly love.