Monday, November 23, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference


apple IMG_2936

What more could I ask for? I had the perfect parent teacher conference this morning. Mrs. Blymire, Jayden’s kindergarten teacher is very pleased with him. He is in the highest “level” in her class, which means he sits at the table with the top academic performers in the room. She comes up with more challenging work for them. She showed me a reading ability chart comparing the 30 students. He was the only child ABOVE the age level in reading. He is also getting great marks in math as well. Not only that, but his artwork was chosen out of ALL kindergarteners to be on the cover page in the yearbook! Seriously, who is this kid? She said the only thing he doesn’t really like to do is sing and dance. Other than that, she said she never has a problem with his behavior, he gets along with others and she is pleased to have him in her class.