Saturday, June 13, 2009

DC Primary Temple Trip

I took the boys (Don was in Canada for a Nuclear Medicine Conference) to the Washington DC LDS Temple today for a Primary activity. I got totally lost so we ended up being late but did manage to make it in time for the adorable group shot with our friends from the Jones Falls Ward Primary.  The Primary Presidency is going to submit the pic. to The Friend magazine.

Washington DC Temple Trip Collage copy

We walked around the temple grounds then stopped by the Visitor’s Center. I thought the boys might complain about it being boring, they actually really enjoyed it. Jayden especially liked watching the interactive movies about Helaman’s army and the journey of Lehi and his family.

Before heading home we had a picnic and checked out church’s bookstore. I got them cases for their scriptures and a piece of UT fudge, yummy.  It was a pleasant day.