Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jayden's Jedi Training Academy Birthday Party

For Jayden's 5th birthday he really wanted a Star Wars Birthday Party. I got some really great ideas from other moms who have done Star Wars parties for their little fans. I borrowed a Princess Leia costume from my friend, Michele and Jayden wore his padawan cloak I made him for Halloween. Basically, the two hour party went like this:
Arrival 2pm-
-We gave kids their "Jedi Training Badges".
-We gave each guest their own light saber. I made these by cutting pool noodles in half and wrapping shiny silver duct tape around the bottoms for the handles. Each child decorated his/her handle with black strips of tape to make it unique.
-Don aka "Jedi Master Trainer" did a great job teaching the kids how to use their light sabers for defense and attack. It was so funny and cute. He totally made this up on the spot and the kids took it so seriously.
-They played "Hot Meteor". We paired them up and gave each pair a balloon. They used their light saber to keep the balloon up and off of the floor while batting it back and forth.
-Then we gave them little flying star wars discs and they took turns tossing them through a hanging hoop.
-My favorite part was "Destroy the Death Star". A few days before I (with the help of Nicholas) made a big paper mache pinata Death Star. To do this I used a big punch balloon, strips of newspaper and a glue/water solution. Once it was dry and hard, I spray painted it grey. I filled it with treats crumpled newspaper.
After each kid had a couple wacks at it with their foam sabers we gave them a harder plastic toy light saber. A few hits with this and it finally broke. It was so fun watching all the kids scramble to get the treats.
-They played "Duck, Duck, Vader" (just like it sounds)while I was setting up for snacks, Yoda Soda and cupcakes.
Each child got to keep their light saber, flying disc, goodie bag and I also made Jedi Certificates for completing Jedi Training Academy and become real Jedi Nights.
It was lots of fun!


James and Ev said...

Amber! You are the Mom of the Year! Great job! Happy Birthday to that cute big boy...kindergarten soon? How it flys by soo fast!

Heidi said...

Great ideas, Amber! I am having several preschoolers over for Carson's birthday next month. He wants a super hero party. Now I see how many options there are. I need to do some research.